October 24, 2016

Owning the Best CWE Real Estate

I was walking in Forest Park the other day and was reflecting on the many advantages that we enjoy from living in the Central West End.  The park itself is clearly one of the most obvious benefits which we enjoy.  By walking or cycling only two blocks to Forest Park, Amy and I are in the midst of the park’s 1,300-acre tranquil beauty, complete with ponds, lakes, bridges, fountains, walking trails and cycling paths.  When we ask people why they decided to buy a home in the CWE, one of the top reasons is consistently its proximity to Forest Park.  The neighborhoods surrounding the park contain some of the best real estate in St. Louis.

Another huge benefit to CWE real estate values is the impressive walkability of the neighborhood.  Living on Maryland Plaza, we live just steps away from Straub’s the Chase Park Plaza, Euclid Avenue’s cafes and restaurants, and McPherson Avenue’s eclectic galleries and shops.  CWE real estate is in high demand because of residents being able to easily walk to BJC, the Washington University Medical Center, banks, book stores, dry cleaners, hair salons and groceries.

Safety is another significant reason to live in the CWE.  In addition to our usual excellent City police presence, we enjoy the extra layer of protection from regular patrols provided by our Neighborhood Security Initiative (NSI).  This is made possible by legislated taxes added to our annual real estate tax bills.  The tax varies from 5% to 10% of one’s total tax bill.  We regularly see the bicycle and car patrols driving up and down our streets and alleys.  Our NSI has also added over 90 security cameras in the CWE area, and the Washington University Medical Center provides additional bicycle and car patrols in the area.  This has resulted in making homes in the CWE some of the best real estate values in St. Louis.

CWE real estate also benefits from the beautification projects and services provided by our CWE Business Community Improvement District (CID).  Our CWE CID is funded via a 1% retail sales tax within the district.  The CID provides daily sidewalk sweeping and policing, maintenance of public area flower beds and tree trimming.

So I believe that all of these neighborhood amenities contribute significantly to not only the desirability of living in the CWE, but also to the values of our residential properties.  Home ownership in the Central West End has become a wise investment.

Your Top CWE Real Estate Team, Paul and Amy Mittelstadt
Experts in the Central West End