December 1, 2013

CWE Real Estate: Is it Electric?

Photo by St. Louis Mo. Aerial photography

One person feels that it is indeed electric.  In a recent article published in the St. Louis Business Journal, writer Joe Schlafly talks about a new current of creative electricity that is flowing through St. Louis, starting at the Gateway Arch and moving westward.  Schlafly is on the Board of Directors of Innovate St. Louis and is active the the St. Louis entrepeneurship community.

He writes, “Moving west from Grand Center, the flow of urban electricity courses onto Forest Park Avenue into the CORTEX/BioSTL-centered life science district, which sits at the doorstep of the Washington University School of Medicine and the Barnes-Jewish Hospital Complex.”

He continues, “The urban current surges into the Central West End, and thriving and diverse community built on great architecture, restaurants, retail, hotels and people.  Flanked by the medical complex to the south and sitting on the front door of Forest Park, the CWE is an emerging power station in the St. Louis grid.”

The CWE neighborhood is Paul and Amy Mittelstadt’s home, and the base of operations for their real estate business.  They are specialists and experts in Central West End real estate, ranging from cooperative apartments to condos, to lofts, to townhomes, to historic houses to private street mansions.

The CWE is truly a safe, affordable and walkable neighborhood, with many shops and services surrounding the beautiful residential streets.  Realtors Paul and Amy frequently can be seen walking to their various real estate appointments in the Central West End.  They love the historic architecture of the area, and the fascinating and diverse group of people living in the CWE.

They are both involved in non-profit groups in the neighborhood, with Amy being an officer on the Board of Directors of the Central West End Association, and with Paul serving on the Board of Trustees of the St. Louis Cathedral Concerts.

If you are contemplating either buying or selling in the CWE, be sure to contact the top Realtor team in the Central West End, experts Paul and Amy Mittelstadt!

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