December 31, 2014

36 Kingsbury Place, St. Louis MO sells for $1,100,000

CWE Realtors Paul and Amy Mittelstadt sold this elegant private-place home in December, 2014 for $1,100,000.  The sale price of just over $213 per square foot is an excellent high price for a Central West End single-family home.  Kingsbury Place is one of the premier private streets in the CWE, with an elegant landscaped parkway […]

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December 1, 2013

CWE Real Estate: Is it Electric?

One person feels that it is indeed electric.  In a recent article published in the St. Louis Business Journal, writer Joe Schlafly talks about a new current of creative electricity that is flowing through St. Louis, starting at the Gateway Arch and moving westward.  Schlafly is on the Board of Directors of Innovate St. Louis […]

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October 15, 2012

CWE High Rise Condos

One real estate question that I get asked often is:  If I decide to purchase a condo, would a high rise condo be right for me?

Today, I would like to examine the reasons that buyers might prefer a condo to a house, and also, the benefits and drawbacks on high rise condo complexes.  First, […]

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